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Origin of the Name




My previous company was named Trillium Digital Systems. There is a long story about how we came to choose the name Trillium but suffice it to say that a Trillium is a flower that is a member of the lily family. During my last week of employment at Intel my wife noticed one morning that a flower was blooming in a planter box that we thought was only filled with dirt. The planter box had not shown any signs of life for over nine years. The flower blooming was a clivia. The symbolism of a new flower blooming just as I was bringing my career to a close at Trillium and starting a new career was something that couldn't be passed up, hence the name Clivia. Since I chose the name I've come in contact with a number of people that study, breed, grow and collect clivias and I've learned the variety of clivias is pretty astounding.




Partial Text: cli|vi|a (kli've , kliv'e ) n. any of a genus (Clivia) of South African evergreen plants of the lily family, having orange-to-scarlet, lilylike flowers that bloom in early spring .


Webster's NewWorld Dictionary, 01-01-1988.


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