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  California Technology Investment Program (CalTIP)






The CalTIP program provides up to $250,000 in state matching funds to companies who win federal technology awards or contracts. The program focuses on assisting companies to commercialize innovative technologies. In 1993 the California state Legislature created the program to help spark early state technology companies and draw federal matching funds to the state. The Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance (Larta) Technical Review Committee, composed of approximately 40 individuals from industry, is the regional decision-maker for the CalTIP technology grant program. The Larta region consists of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, Santa Barbara, Kern and Ventura counties. The top scores in the consolidated statewide list win CalTIP awards. Statewide, approximately 30 companies win awards, with each award averaging $200,000. Jeff was a member of the Larta Technical Review Committee for 2002.




The following criteria were used by the Technical Review Committee to judge the submissions to the CalTIP program:


Technology and Product Description
Project clearly identifies product, market, and plan for penetrating into target market.
  Technological innovation clearly described.
  Product and relationship to technological innovation.
  Specific problem or need that product addresses.
  How product differs from existing products.
  Stage of development.
  Materials and methods of production and manufacture.
  Status of intellectual property.
Market Description
Project describes business model and potential customers. Describes relevant market sector and business development strategy. Identifies potential competitors and issues crucial to successful competition.
  Market sector described, segmented and sized.
  Market niche and competitive advantage.
  Business development strategy.
  Business model.
  Barriers to entry.
Project Management Description
Project shows credible understanding of pertinent engineering, capitalization, and commercialization issues. Articulates how firm will guide project through to successful completion. Project team has experience in commercializing technology.
  Project and commercialization timeline and narrative.
  Project activities relationship to project budget. Cost effective aspects highlighted.
  Project team description. Organization chart. Key project personnel identified.
Regional Impact, Regional Partners
Links with incubators, universities, and federal labs to add regional value. Will credibly create and retain jobs in the State. Delineates how plan will improve worker's skills.
  Direct jobs created; near term (project budget) and longer term (post project).
  Training activities.
  Economic impact in region and State.
  Regional partners contribution to project.
Small Business
A small business or includes small businesses in proposal.
  Small business.


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